Looking to sell a retail Marijuana facility?

Voyage Business Brokers can help you!

Let our specialized Marijuana Business Brokers determine what your licenses, financials, inventory, lease and location is worth.  We can market and advertise the business and find you a qualified CASH Buyer.  Our undisputed valuation can predict a 3 year future growth analysis for buyers to quickly take over the business and take off like a rocket in this Billion Dollar Industry. 

Our confidential process will help you with every aspect of Transferring Ownership and dealing with the Denver Excise & Licenses Department.  Below is a preliminary list that discloses the tip of the iceberg of the supporting documents for a Retail Marijuana Business Transfer of Ownership.  Let us help you get started today.

  • Secretary of State Statement of Trade Name (if applicable)
  • Copy of State License
  • Copy of Zone Use Permit from the City and County of Denver
  • Copy of Burglar Alarm Permit
  • Copy of Monitoring Contract
  • Copy of City & State Sales Tax License (STORE ONLY)
  • Lease or Deed (If leased, you must attach the written consent of owner to lease property to a marijuana establishment)
  • Affidavit of Lawful Presence for each owner
  • Bylaws, operation, partnership agreement (as applicable)
  • Secretary of State Certificate of Good Standing
  • Copy of Valid ID for each owner (Colorado Driver License or Colorado ID card) 
  • Purchasing Agreement
  • Denver Excise & Licenses issues four types of retail marijuana licenses:
  • Denver Retail Marijuana
  • Retail Marijuana Optional Premises Cultivation License
  • Retail Marijuana Infused Products Manufacturing License
  • Retail Marijuana Testing Facility
  • Please Note: retail marijuana businesses are also required to file a Transfer of Ownership with the State of Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Let us do what we do best in selling Marijuana business facilities, and you do what you do best in selling Marijuana.  Call us and get started today!

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Jay Spencer

Jay Spencer